Fall practice begins August 1st.  During practice each player will be evaluated and rated according to their skill level, knowledge and potential position they may play.  To ensure playing time on an elite team we will cap the varsity roster at a maximum of 12 players and the junior high roster will be capped at 10 players.

The breakdown of the Fees for the 2022 season are below.  We are trying to keep yearly fees as low as possible.  Players will own their uniform gear, players have the option to buy their own football gear or rent for the season, and players are only charged for the actual fees for home games and a general insurance fee. The 1st year players fee is $800, and this includes all you will need besides a mouthpiece and cleats. 

In future years a player would only expect to pay around $300 a year for fees as long as they take care of their uniform and gear.


This includes home and away game pants and jersey, practice jersey and team bag


Football Gear

This includes a 5-star rated (Varsity Football Helmet Ratings ( football helmet and shoulder pads.



This includes the cost of renting a stadium for 3 home games, TASO officials.



This includes player insurance for up to $100,000 and the insurance required to rent fields.



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