Each potential Spartan player will need to participate in at least one on-field tryout.  However, you are encouraged to attend all the tryouts.  Each player will be evaluated and rated according to their skill level, knowledge and potential position they may play.  To ensure playing time on an elite team we will cap the varsity roster at a maximum of 15 players and the junior high roster will be capped at 12 players.


To allow each team to perform at its optimum level, tryouts will be held prior to each season. The number of players on the team will vary depending on the number of athletes that tryout and the levels of ability. The maximum number of players on varsity will be limited to 15 players. Because each team has limited time to prepare for the season, teams are chosen at the earliest time possible. An athlete who misses any part of a tryout will not be dropped, but the athlete will be at a disadvantage. If an athlete cannot make it to tryouts, he will have to meet with the coach to see if anything can be done. It is then up to the coaches to either set up an alternative tryout, or not allow the athlete to play. Once initial rosters are established, players may be added to the roster at the discretion of the coaches for the benefit of the team.


On the Varsity level, coaches will choose the team based on attitudes, effort, and skill. Starting teams will be based on these criteria. At this level of competition, the coaches will play the best players. Because NTXS is not playing in a recreational league, and because NTXS desires to be competitive in the league that they participate in, equal playing time is NOT guaranteed at this level of play, although coaches will be sensitive to their player's desire to participate. Athletes and parents must recognize that success is not synonymous with playing time.


If an athlete does not make the team after tryouts, he may approach the coach to discuss the athlete's strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. It may be determined that the athlete may be allowed to continue practicing with the team to continue development for the next year.


The Junior High roster will be limited to 12 players.  This will allow coaches to properly play each member of the junior high team so as to allow them to increase in their preparation, skill development and gain confidence in their athletic abilities through competition.  NTXS feels that junior high is more about player development than it is about winning on the scoreboard. In these critical years building the foundation of a successful football player is paramount over the outcome of a game.  Although we do believe being successful on the field is a direct result of preparation and development of a young player's football skills.


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